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Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3
Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3 

                     OC Pepper Spray Course for Self Defense

Open Enrollment / Pre-Registration

During the Active Shooter Intro Course we gave last month, many people asked about a less than lethal alternative.  OC Pepper Spray came up several times, so we are asking what the interest would be if we provided this course.  It would be an OC Pepper Spray Course for Self Defense.  We are asking that if anybody is interested to please let us know the days of week and times such as afternoon or evening that you would like to see such a class.  Also please let us know areas of town that would be convenient.  We are asking people to respond with your input by April 15, 2016.  


This Pre-registration is to show who would be interested in this course.  Please click on the RSVP below or click on the OC Can.



OC Self Defense Course
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