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New IRS Scam:

Dear Tax-payer,

We are reaching out to you in regards to your E-Filing, from the previous year and current year.Our system indicates you have made some changes in your record
and we will like you to Kindly follow the given instructions in order to comply with our new sytem requirements.To avoid future difficulty with Internal Revenue Services.

By filling out the Taxpayer's information that only you and The Internal Revenue Services know, you can feel even more secure with your yearly Refund, knowing all System information is Up-to-date.

To Proceed, Please find attached HTML Web Page.

  • See Attached for HTML Web Page
  • Download and Save it to your Device Desktop
  • Go to Device Desktop to open the HTML Web Page
  • Continue by Filling your Information

The Internal Revenue Services shall follow-up on Update once submitted, Your Update is Important to us, to avoid any kind of delay with your e-Filing/refund.

The Internal Revenue Service will never share taxpayers personal information with third party.

Internal Revenue Service


Two scams are now showing up in our area.  The first is an email from a reported warrant collection with an official agency sounding name and credentials.  The second is a voicemail reportedly from the IRS.  Both are scams. 


The email is reproduced below and the fake IRS audio one is also listed below.


- Mark Vojvodich, Constable Pct.3



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Final Notice
From: daniel smith <>
Date: Thu, January 28, 2016 3:08 pm


Arrest warrant ID: - FFCEN 564815/524 which will be issue on 01/29/2016 (Friday)  11:00am (EST).



This is the last and final chance for you.


This Legal Proceedings issued on you Docket no: EVR-46013 with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you. So the accounts department of Cash Advance has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you.


CASE NO: WB-AP - 429007



We have sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings on March 8, 2015 but you failed to respond on time now it's high time if you failed to respond in next 24 HOURS we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final 

warning. And we will be Emailing/ Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict actions against you. Your salary and all your wages confiscated.Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make a payment arrangement today or else we would be proceeding legally against you. And we apologies that this notification will also sent to your current employer. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action.We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is processed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the law suit will be the next step which will be amounting to $6300.00 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future.Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paper work to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your door step.


Note : This notice is provided to you on behalf of Cash Advance Inc. and its parent company , and their respective family of companies including Cash Advance, its parent company, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective 

subsidiaries and affiliates, (hereafter collectively referred to as the "Cash Advance Related Companies," "we," "our," or 

"us"). The Cash Advance Related Companies include, but are not limited to: Cash Advance, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, including those that operate under the trade names Cash Advance, 100 Day Loan, Net loan USA, Fax free Cash, Payday one, Sonic Cash, Money tree, Egg loans, Check cash Loan, Quick Payday, Personal Cash Advance, Rapid Cash, Sonic Payday, Speedy Cash, My Cash Now, National Payday, Paycheck Today, Payday OK, Cash Central Loans, Cash Net 500,Cash Net USA, Allied Cash, Super Pawn, Check into Cash, Check Smart, Cash America Net, Cash America, Cash America Pawn, Cash land, Super Pawn, Cash America Payday Advance, or any company-owned Mr. Payroll locations. "You" or "Your" means you as a participant in or as a user of the products and/or services offered by a Cash Advance Related Company.





By electronically signing this Loan Agreement by clicking the "I AGREE" button below, you are confirming that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Consent and that you have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for your records.We believe that this was not your intent and that these steps are unnecessary. We merely require you to contact our recovery asset location department at account:- from 9.30 to 6.30 (EST).

If you want to resolve this matter then immediately contact us through email :-


Officer Daniel Smith

Financial Crime Enforcement Network,

500 New jersey avenue NW,


DC 20001-2020




  Confidentiality Statement & Notice: This email is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. Any review, retransmission, dissemination to unauthorized persons or other use of the original message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you received this electronic transmission in error. please reply to the above-referenced sender about the error and permanently delete this message. Thank you for your Co-operation.




Preteen and Teenage Public Safety Warning for Parents
By Mark Vojvodich, Bexar County Constable PCT3

The Basics:
 Apps are applications for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that allow subscribers to
send photos, videos, and messages to other subscribers. Associated with some of these
apps, are many dangers that parents should be aware of.  For example, many of these apps
can turn on your voice recorder and listen in on your conversations as well as turn on your
camera and take pictures or videos of you without you even knowing!  How often do we
read all of those user agreements when we install an app on our phones or computers?  
Most people just click on the agreement, without actually reading them. Why? Because they
are so long and we are more interested in the app than reading through that long contract
type agreement.  If we as adults are this way, just think about our kids now.  
Most parents that have kids end up purchasing a phone for them for many reasons.  Most
parents do for communication and to get a hold of them when we need to, especially the
ones that participate in after school events.  Or they do it because we the parent, caved in
to the children’s request for one because, “all of their friends have one”.   There are many
reasons why, but you need to be aware of the dangers associated with these phones and
the apps that are on them.  

The Danger:
 Everyday thousands of kids are taking pictures and videos, then posting them on apps or
sending them to their friends.  Most apps and phones today have GPS enabled to either
track your phone if it is lost or stolen and for logging the location of photos.  So in reality if
I take a photo from home and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or other similar apps, I am
virtually giving possible burglars, child predators, and others like, a picture of what’s in my
house and where it is located.  They can also look to see if I am home so as to know when
to come burglarize because of the GPS enabled that shows my friends where I am.
 There is also a new major concern.  Just this week, American Military families in the U.S.
and around the world were placed on alert.  According to the latest news, "ISIS has called
on lone offenders in the U.S. to use the "yellow pages," social media sites like Facebook,
LinkedIn, and Twitter to find the addresses of service members, show up at their homes
and slaughter them and their families."  The bulletin says, "Soldiers, Government Civilians
and Family Members are reminded to be vigilant of their surroundings and report suspicious
activities to their respective military or local law enforcement." Service members and their
families have been advised to limit who can see their social media profiles, to avoid posting
about their connection to the military and to turn off public location indicators.

Other Concerns:
 Sexual predators often roam the “Chat Apps” that most kids use.  They pretend to be
someone they are not, like another teen just looking for friends.  Here is an example that
recently occurred.  In 2013, a twelve-year-old girl was lured away from her home by a 21
year-old-man. Once they met, he took her to a motel and took advantage of her.  
 The bad guys are not just at the bus stops anymore. They have an entrance right into your
kid’s bedroom and hand-held cellphone device. Sexual predators can target your children
even when your child is in the room down the hall. And sexual predators aren’t the only
problem. Cyber-bullying and exposures to sexually inappropriate content are additional

The Conclusion:
 Many children are drawn to communicating with strangers, feeling that their secrets are
safer with them than with their friends. Apps are a perfect tool for ill-intentioned strangers
looking to connect with young people because it allows you to exchange messages with
people nearest to you (so anonymity can be easily lost). New apps are constantly being
created, so it’s important to monitor what your children download.  Talk to them about the
concerns and dangers of some of the apps and how they can affect the whole family.

Mark Vojvodich, Bexar County Constable PCT3


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